Why You Need to Embrace African Wear and Shop With Us

African wear is simple yet very sophisticated.  It is also highly durable just like the culture it represents. Indeed, the western world influences the African culture but Africa still maintains its roots. The African wear is also unique and it is a wonderful way of supporting Africans who work effortlessly to produce fabric and turn it into amazing pieces for you to wear proudly. Here are four reasons why you should consider shopping with us and buying our sophisticated African wear.

  1. It is Unique

Western prints rapidly gained popularity in African countries, influencing the fashion and textile industries. With the growth of fashion industries promoting western designs, and the second-hand retail stores all over the country selling ‘mitumba’, these clothing options have become rather common. A great way of displaying a touch of originality to your closet is by buying some African designs that are both beautiful and unique. With them, you never have to worry about finding someone else rocking the same top or dress as you. The collection of different designs inspired by raw creativity also ensures that you will be an inspiration and awe to those around you. Why not boost your confidence with us and get yourself a good blouse or shirt?

  1. It is a Vivid Display of African Heritage

Africa is culturally diverse. Additionally, it has birthed a collection of shoes, bags, jewelry and clothes that are worn as a demonstration of pride and solidarity with the continent. At africanscreative, we identify the importance of displaying your patriotism by adorning pieces made by Africans for all. We offer a variety of items from clothes to shoes, serving both men and women. Here, you are not restricted to just one form of wear. Additionally, why not show love by buying our exotic gift boxes? With us, you can obtain pieces that fit your personality and demonstrate your love for the mother continent of Africa.

  1. It is Long Lasting

We all love our favorite outfits and therefore, are more inclined to wear them from time to time. However, washing clothes one too many times can make them stretch and become lose. So, should we reduce the amount of times we wear our best pieces? Why not chose to buy clothes that are more durable instead? African wears are more versatile and durable, with a generalized resistance to stretching. Here, you can wear and wash them as many times as you wish without having to worry about the outfit becoming lose or stretching overtime.

  1. It does not wear out easily with washes.

Trendy outfits are amazing, but the experience of putting dark-blue jeans inside a wash and having it emerge as faded blue jeans is disappointing and frustrating. Markets tend to deceive their customers by dipping clothes in ink to make them more desirable. However, this ink is not permanent and the clothing fades continuously with every wash. This is an injustice to the pocket. The good thing about African wear and kitenge outfits is that they are made from well inked fiber that does not fade easily overtime. As such, you will be able to rock your outfit and slay with it over years and years. This is a healthy contribution to your wardrobe.