Beach Wear

It is already December and some of us are planning on our vacations as we try to have an exciting and peaceful December holiday in spite of the COVID- 19 restrictions. Whether you will be going to the coast or spending your holiday indoors, has the perfect outfit choices for you to make sure you maintain the holiday vibe and look beautiful and sassy as you count down to 2020.

Light Bags

Going to the beach is relaxing and breathtaking. However, where do you place your swim suit? Will you carry a bag pack or a classy handbag that will both have you looking overdressed? No, why should you look like you are overdressed for the occasion anyway. At Africanscreative, we have a collection of bags suitable for the beach, such as the modern slim bag, and the branded leather-kente handbag. Both are light and spacious, allowing you to carry your swimwear effortlessly and keep your items like phones and sunglasses secure as you take a dip in the ocean.

Blue Beachwear

Our blue beachwear is radiant and comfortable, allowing you to look breathtaking while you are at the beach while keeping things modest if you are not okay with showing off a lot of skin. The neck design keeps the outfit casual and sexy, thus enabling it to be worn outside the beach. This is especially important if you have plans in the morning but intend to go by the beach later in the day. Indeed, it is essential to have as minimal luggage as possible and a swimsuit that can be worn outside the beach is most welcome. If you want to maintain a low-key look, you could wear our Kenya bravo t-shirt on top of your swimsuit to hide your stomach as you roam around town.


The best thing about shopping at Africanscreative is that you have a wide range of sandals to choose from. Sandals are especially important as they are open, making it easier to remove sand that may get logged at your feet. It also promotes the proper and much-needed aeration of the feet. You can wear the cowrie shells Maasai sandals, the kid-blue ankle sandals, or the butterfly flower Maasai sandals, all of which are made to accentuate your feet and show off those gorgeous nails. Please do make sure you oil your feet to avoid the white ashy look that is not as flattering.

Pinkteb Leather Bag

Going on vacation means carrying some of the items you will use while on vacation. Suitcases are efficient but tend to be too large and heavy, making them more of baggage. Instead, carry light storage bags like our pinkteb leather bag that is both spacious and with a beautiful design, making you stand out as both travel efficient and classy. It also has a side pocket, ensuring that smaller items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunglasses, jewelry, and earphones are easily retrievable.

Of course, the best part of all these items is that they are versatile and can be used in any occasion. The sandals will flatter your feet as you go for outings or dates, the pinkteb leather bag is very efficient when you go for sleepovers, and the modern sling bag can be used for literary any occasion (including a quick dash to the grocery store). Shop now to have your December vacation plans sorted.