Wedding Outfits for Men

Weddings are a great time to socialize and interact with friends or to be friends. However, how awkward is it when all around, the men are wearing just plain black, white, or grey suits. Suits are masculine, classy, and always in style. However, they are also common and might limit your ability to stand out. Here at Africanscreative, we offer you an opportunity to dress-up in a variety of outfits that would make you look unique and still sexy enough as you chill in that wedding reception and wow the women with your dazzling looks.

  1. Spiral African Shirts

The shirt is simple and elegant with a dark color and gold spiral embroidery at its collar and arms. The shirt is very versatile and it can be worn with different colored pants. Dress it up with a statement watch and a brown pair of closed leather shoes to have your exotic touch and wow every woman around as you threaten all the mem around you.

  1. Kenyan Shirt

This black shirt with the Kenyan flag print on its collar, sleeves, and pocket. It is the best way to subtly show your patriotism to the country while maintaining a classy look. If you aim to look good without trying so hard, this is the best shirt for you. Wear it with a pair of white pants and black leather shoes to show your exquisite taste and ability to keep things simple but maintain the wedding vibe. After all, the purpose of dressing for a wedding is to look good but not outshine the groom.

  1. Zebra Loafers

Yes, plain loafers have a way of making you look more mature and professional. However, a blend of colors will make you look fun and playful, which is the vibe you want to demonstrate at a wedding, especially as a single guy. Wear these zebra loafers and match them with an outfit combination of whites and blacks to make sure you don’t look overdone. As much as you aim to impress, try to make sure you don’t end up looking like a clown.

  1. Slip Men Leather

Weddings that occur at the beach are amazing. They have the best view, cool breeze and a general light feel. However, closed leather shoes are not the option on the beach. Instead, wear the slip leather sandals that will keep your feet well aerated and will allow you to easily remove grains of stands that get stuck in your feet. Also, it is very classy and will keep you looking wedding-ready even though you might seem laid back.

  1. Black Petal African T-Shirts

Another great outfit for a beach wedding is the African Petal T-Shirt, which is black and a bit semi-formal. The shirt can be worn with pants of any color and dressed in leather sandals, making the outfit complete for a beach wedding. It can also be worn with leather closed shoes, after which it is fit for a garden or church wedding. The best part about this T-Shirt is that it leaves you a lot of room to dance in the reception without feeling too hot or choked.

If you have to go to a wedding soon, we have you sorted. Shop with us today.