How to Dress your Elastic Kitenge Suit

How to dress your elastic kitenge suit

The elastic kitenge suit is a ladies wear that consists of a two-piece outfit. The top blouse has short free sleeves that make sure your shoulders are well covered up while leaving your lower arms free to soak in the sun. It also has a bell shape design, capturing your waist before flowing down to your hips. This gives you the hourglass shape making you look exotic and beautiful. The bottom of the suit is an elastic pair of pants that are figure-hugging ensuring that your curves are well captured. Being elastic, it is fitting and as such there will be no loose fabric that will make you look like you skipped the mirror on your way out. The kitenge suit is comfortable, classy, and elegant. However, the icing on the cake is that it can be worn in a variety of combinations.

  1. Just as is

Simplicity is key. You can wear the kitenge suit together and have yourself look like the mermaid ariel after she got her feet. This combination will show off your curves while keeping things chic and decent thus ensuring you can wear it at the office or any other official functions. To dress up, wear it with black heels coupled with a black purse to maintain the bossy vibe. Loafers will also work well with the outfit if you prefer flat shoes. Light jewelry will also be favorable as you want to compliment yourself, not make your outfit overpower your look. To dress down, sandals and sneakers will work well, especially if they are black or white jewelry should still be light; however, you can make the look more playful by including some glasses. Although using a headwrap will seem great, avoid it as you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard.

2.Top only.

The best thing about the kitenge suit is that the outfits can be worn separately. When wearing the top, make sure you couple it with a tight bottom, whether skirts, shorts, or trousers. The lower half of the top is loose so pairing it with loose-fitting bottoms will make you look overdressed. For dates, short black skirts paired with boots, sandals, wedges, or heels will make you look classy, fun, and casual. Black trousers will also work, especially with a pair of the canvas. Since the top is full of color, try monotone for the bottom with dark colors like blue, brown, black. White is rather neutral and will work great. Avoid shouting colors like yellow, or pink though. depending on what you wear at the bottom, jewelry can include ankles, rings, necklaces, and bangles. You can also include a head wrap without risking looking overdone.

3.Bottom only.

Well-fitted pants mean you have a lot of options for the top. However, since this is a kitenge, avoid oversized t-shirts. Instead, opt for we’ll fitting t-shirts that you can tuck in. The pants can be worn with crop tops, halter tops, bralet’s and blouses depend on the occasion. For an official look, pair them with a blazer to create that sophisticated elegant look. The best thing about dressing the bottom pants only is that you can go crazy with color without looking overdone. However, bold shouting colors should be paired with minimal jewelry to balance the outfit out. Try choosing the same color of top and shoes but if you can’t, try brown, white or black shoes.

Lastly, however you wear it, make sure you maintain the confidence and walk with your head held high. Your outfit is never complete without a smile.