Kitenge Outfit

The first time I held a kitenge outfit was in my mother’s closet. Forgive my childish ignorance, but when I saw it for the first time I didn’t see African, I saw mother-like. Yes, I confirm to the group that considered anything worn by my parents as uncool. Since my mom wore vitenges, spare me! When someone said kitenge I though long skits with equally long-sleeved tops. To me, that is not attractive… At least not for my body. In truth, at the time, the girls (or boys) who wore vitenges were mostly forced into them by their parents who wanted them to look like goddesses (or kings) in church. Fashion in Kenya was rather limited and creativity at the time was mostly derived from watching Oga in Afro cinema.

However, times have changed… And with the changing times came Pinterest and Google chrome. Creativity became championed and kitenge outfits are no longer cliché. Outfits range from long pocketed skirts to short high wasted dashiki shorts… Both keeping you trendy while catering for the needs of your closet. Do you like showing a little skin? Don’t worry, the off-shoulder kitenge tops are here for you and here to stay! Still like the reserved alternatives, who said traditional isn’t chic? Dawn your style and slay. Step on us… We ARE your carpets! Even more interesting is the range of scarfs and head wraps to choose from… Or should I mention the sandals with a bit of beads or kitenge in them? What about the earnings? There is a lot to choose from and for sure there is something for you, your mum, your dad, your sibling, and even more importantly, for your man or lady.

You might ask, where will I find these outfits. Shall I roam around all the stores in Nairobi? Not really, it’s too tiring which beats the purpose. Shopping should be fun and relaxing, not frustrating, and boring. So why stress out when you can get all you need at Africans creative? We have a wide selection of kitenge outfits ranging from dresses, scarfs, and sweaters. Our men’s African shirts also come at affordable prices to make sure you are sorted, whether as a man seeking stylish outfits or as a woman looking for a present to gift him. Why not do it in style?

Speaking of style, have you seen the packaging for our engraved wine glasses? Talk about souvenirs. With this, you can surprise your partner with some wine and a taste of Africa! I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely into African print. As a community, we have been fixated on western culture seeing them as a standard of beauty. In truth, 10 years ago, African dressing was rather cringe-worthy to our generation. It is not the same right now. Stereotypes of beauty are quickly being done away with any, it’s about time we embrace our culture in dressing. Don’t restrict yourself to that Maasai beaded bracelet. They are beautiful, yes, but there is a variety of things you can try out to bring out your inner Wakanda. Try dashiki or kitenge outfits. Visit Africans creative today.