Why Should You Wear African Leather Sandals?

Leather sandals are often associated with style, quality, and comfort. They not only provide durability and versatility, but the material also provides flexibility. Most leather sandals are made by talented craftsmen who have the knack for creating high-quality products in a range of styles and design.

African leather sandals are becoming a popular choice for many fashionistas, whether you are going for a short walk or going on a wildlife safari.

If you are still skeptical about purchasing African leather sandals, you’ll be surprised to learn that they have more additional benefits besides durability and comfort.

  1. Stylish African-themed Designs

Summer and fall are excellent seasons to put on light clothing. That means from top to bottom, and leather sandals offer a great footwear option. They come in a wide range of designs and color blends, making it easy to choose your preferred style. For instance, African leather and beaded sandals feature a sublime blend of durable leather with an intricate beaded pattern that makes you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, adding African beaded sandals to your wardrobe means you can match them with virtually any outfit.

  1. Odorless Footwear

When you walk on a sunny day, the chances of your feet sweating are high. Now imagine walking in your socks and sneakers for long hours of the day. The sweat builds up and releases odor.

With African leather sandals, you need not worry about putting on your shoes. Additionally, leather sandals protect you from various feet complications, such as Athlete’s Foot and smelly feet. Leather sandals allow your feet to ‘breathe’. You can walk around freely without thinking much about the sweat build up. Because you are wearing them in short-n-shirt weather, sandals keep your feet cool.

  1. Sandals Match with almost Anything

One of the reasons we love leather sandals is that you can wear them on your casual weekends or formal weekdays. That means you can wear them for different events and occasions. For instance, you can wear them on your visit to the beach or when you have a dinner date, and you want to put on something comfortable. Leather sandals look good with a pair of jeans or when paired with a gorgeous dinner-worthy dress or slacks.

  1. Sandals are Lightweight

Sandals rank among the lightest footwear available. They are light on your feet, making it easy to walk around. They also alleviate fatigue on critical parts of the feet, such as the ankle and toes.

Suppose you’re headed on a summer adventure, every space in your backpack counts. Hiking shoes and sneakers can ‘eat up’ space and might weight you down. On the flip side, African beaded sandals are made of less material and occupy minimal space. That means you have an extra room in your bag for other items.

How to Match Sandals with Different Attires

The days when you could only put on sandals on holidays or when going to the gym are well behind us. African leather sandals have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years because they offer excellent footwear for the streets and the office.

There is a growing range of stylish African sandals, which increases the chances of getting things wrong. Below are useful insights into how you can wear sandals with different clothes in your wardrobe.

  1. With Jeans

If your wardrobe is primarily made up of jeans, then you’ll be delighted knowing that you can also wear them with sandals, especially during the warmer summer months. Most people don’t relish the combination, perhaps because they think they resemble bathroom flip flops. If done right, jeans and sandals can be an eye-catching pair.

  1. With Suits

Traditionally, pairing sandals and tailored clothing were out of anyone’s imagination. Today, people wear sandals with suits and still catch the eyes of onlookers. So long as you take note of the caveats, then a pair of sandals might be the right footwear.

The first rule of thumb is not wearing socks, especially a white pair designed for sports. The color of the sandals you choose matters. Instead of choosing intricate colors, go for a low-key option, such as black or navy, free from any prints or logos.

For the tailoring, choose black trousers that match the sandal color to maintain a clean, undisturbed look. Spruce up things by adding a neutral blazer and a white-collar shirt to exude the perfect casual-official aura.

  1. With Shorts

When you go on vacation, a short/sandal combo comes naturally. However, the same look when walking around your home turf requires a knack for fashion. Shorts leave much of the leg bare, but you can divert attention from the feet by putting on sandals with tined-down colors, such as black, grey. These match perfectly with shorts and T-shirts.

  1. With Socks

Yes! You read that right: Socks. A decade ago, wearing socks and sandals was a style left for ex-gangsters in criminal protection, but the trend has also desecrated street-wear. If you want to be the center of attraction, you can opt for a full, bold look by wearing shorts, a vest, a colorful shirt, and then the icing to the icing to the cake – white socks and leather sandals.

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