Why Maasai Leather sandals could be your saving grace

Do you wear Maasai Leather sandals? I hope yes. When j was in high school, a number of girls had smelly feet. Not always, but by the end of the day when we took off our shoes, there had to be that distinct smell of feet that we gave grown to despise and cringe upon. Disgusting! But the thing is, it’s not the person’s fault. It’s the feet being cooked up in black touches all day long, absorbing the summer heat and releasing a sizable amount of sweat. We are out of school now but sadly, some of us still have to wear a new set of black closed shoes that make our feet feel suffocated. Question, do we really have to?

Some of us do but lost of us really don’t. If I move into my shoe closet, (no I do not own one but we dare to dream), the largest percentage of my shoes are closed… Possibly 90%. Why? I really can’t tell. Apart from a few heels here and there, you will find a collection of boots, sneakers, and all the colors of ngomas available for sale. I find this heavily laughable especially since I take time to do my pedicure. Yes, self-love, yes feel good about yourself, no, don’t show anyone your attractive feet?

I have to admit though, rarely do I meet women or even men wearing Maasai Leather sandals, which is rather sad considering they are comfortable and they let your feet breathe. Even better is the icing, showing everyone your pedicured, glowing, and soft feet. It might be as a result of the stereotypic nature of our culture. Forgive me, but at a point in my life, I stopped exposing my legs out of fear of a ‘wicked hand’ that would make my smooth legs turn rough, ashy, and flooded with marks. Is this the reason most of us do not wear sandals?

Well, I am here to say no. No more sweaty and smelly feet. Aficanscreative has a wide range of sandals you can choose from for both men and women. They are affordable and convenient for your everyday needs, whether strolling on a beach or walking briskly in the tiled office in the center of town. There are different designs to choose from where some can even be worn with socks. Isn’t that convenient, especially with the current sweater weather?

It is about time that we normalize searing sandals and heal our feet, especially those of us who are struggling with an athlete’s foot. It is embarrassing yes, but it’s also easy to cure, starting with giving your clothes shoes a break and embracing sandals. No more wearing closed shoes at home, when driving, or even at work. If you can wear sandals at work, why not? Ladies, our backs need a rest from the physical stress our heels give us.

Men, if there is a gender that needs sandals it is you. Wearing those black leather shoes is classy but your feet might be in tears. You deserve a pedicure and you certainly deserve a pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable while blessing your toes with air. Even more important, no more feeling conscious when you have to take off your shoes before you enter someone’s home. Let us all say no to smelly feet.