Dressing for Confidence

They say you are never fully dressed without a smile, I beg to differ. You are never fully dressed without confidence. The worst thing you can do to yourself is dress in the most beautiful outfit and slouch as you sit and look down as you walk. You were made to shine… shine. How do you make sure you are always shining?

  1. Dress in your colors

I like white… no, I love white. In the day that I am undecided and rather down, I always pick a white outfit. Why? White builds my confidence from 0 to 100 because I look really good in it. Your color might be grey, black, pink, purple, brown, red, whatever the pallet. Dress in the color that builds your confidence the most and makes you feel the most radiant. Thank me later.

  1. Dress in your personality

I cannot stress this enough. Never give in to peer pressure or trends, or even gender labels. So you are a boy that likes pink, own it. If you do not want to wear short dresses with bare legs, put on the damn tights. If you can’t leave the house with bare hands, it is okay to invest in a turtle neck. Let nobody tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear. Let yourself be confident in your clothes, and therefore build your overall confidence. Now, I don’t mean don’t listen to others, I mean, remember yourself and put your opinion into consideration as well.

  1. Never leave the house in doubt

Does this top make my hands look fat? Yes, some tight tops can make your hands look squeezed. If you find yourself asking whether it’s the right outfit, just take it out. High chances are that the whole day you will be second-guessing yourself. Instead, change into something you love, that is, the one African outfit you are sure will look good in. I find this comforting especially in days I am out of my element and can’t seem to come up with the right outfit.

  1. Never leave the house in ‘nguo ya kushikilia’

To be honest, I have been a constant victim of this one. Time is running late and you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t like the outfit but hell. ‘Ni ya kushikilia’. Today we will look beat but tomorrow you will come out in style. A lie. Today is today, it will never be back, dress in something that will make you confident. The worst thing you can do to yourself is going out in an outfit that will force you to tuck in your tummy. How will you eat?

  1. Don’t force yourself into heels

Heels are sexy, heels are feminine, heels are the showstopper, and they accentuate your ass they make you tall. However, there is nothing more unattractive than someone walking like they are about to take a deuce. When you are not comfortable, the world will see it. You cannot hide a limping foot. Please, there are a variety of feminine cute African Maasai sandals you can wear, the world does not revolve on kitten heels alone. Drop them, or at least learn to walk in them in your room first before you go outside and trip every three steps.

Confidence IS key. There is nothing like an individual who walks with their head held high. It comes from within yes, but with the right outfit, your confidence will go a notch higher. So dress in what you love, and what loves you.