10 Quick-fire Tips to Improve Your Clothes Selection

10 Quick-fire Tips to Improve Your Clothes Selection

What you wear is your choice – You dress what you want when you want, and however you want. Or how is it? The plain fact is that you don’t get to have that ‘freedom.’ Not when you are always chasing after something, ever eager to look your best, and leave a good impression wherever you go!

And, how many times have you found yourself wondering – about how to go about this business of dress codes and ‘presentableness’?

For one thing, you will need to be creative. Not only that but also associate yourself with like-minded people. And in that case, the fashion-forward with a mix of boldness and authenticity.

So, today, we thought a few tips might be of some help in the selection of your wardrobe.

Here, then, your Bravo Don’ts and Dos:


  1. Go for an outfit just because your friend, or whatever that person is, wore it to a similar event and ‘killed it’!
  2. Wait till the set date to decide what to put on.
  3. Focus on wanting to impress and being the best-dressed.
  4. Be swayed much by the prevailing fashion trends.
  5. Go for your ‘favourite.’


  1. Find out from those who have been there or are there.
  2. Go there in advance and get a feel of the ambience.
  3. Visualize how you would like to present yourself.
  4. Ask for the opinion of someone whose fashion-sense you trust.
  5. Try the outfit on early before the set date.

And remember

You may not have the ‘freedom’ as to what to wear, but you have the final say as to how you want to present yourself and, most importantly, what you want to achieve.

No matter what the dress code, then, you can always bring out your true identity; and have whatever you desire.

Today we leave it at that, but next time we’ve got you covered on the nitty-gritty of styling, and the ultimate art of self-expression.

By Ben Njaya