Look Good with African Bravo creative products

We at African Bravo Creative foster creativity and inclusivity. At the heart of our mission is an exuberant culture, moulded by artisans of various persuasions from different corners of Kenya, who pay tribute to our African identity by producing an exciting and innovative range of clothing, artefacts, and footwear not to mention other beauty accessories for both men and women.

Wealth of Variety

Here you are guaranteed variety. And by variety, we mean eccentric, wild, inspired, over-the-top, down-to-earth variety. We identify, absorb, and use in our craftsmanship much of what Africa’s imperial stores have to offer while incorporating the formal, informal, and urban streetwear collections.

African Expressions and Makes

The range of prints and fabrics is as fascinating and revered as Africa’s own exciting tradition. And it’s from these diverse, storied prints such as the Kitenge (African wax print fabric), Kente cloth (silk and cotton fabric from Ghana), Dashiki (West Africa), and Ankara (100% cotton fabric), that a bubbly self-expression, well cognizant of contemporary art and cultural trends, ensues.

Eye-Catching Designs

The colours are everyday colours, but the contours are something else altogether! It’s an exploration, an adventure in the mysterious, unmistakably enchanting African ambiance: A Vibrancy of colours and multitude of shades adorning magnificent fabrics, which culminate in eye-catching designs, carefully put together with care and attention to detail.

Fair Price

Get unique designs at a fair price. Choose us today, Dress Africa.

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By Ben Njaya