An Essential Guide to Help You Choose the Right African Earrings for You

One of the significant challenges that many women face every morning is choosing the right accessories to match their outfits. It only gets more complicated when you’re looking for the right African earrings to go along with your look because you need to think thoroughly and expertly to find the perfect fit.

Earrings are also an excellent means of sprucing up your face to add a classy and attractive look. They attract onlookers without focusing on your face, but the simple combination of your face shape and earring design is enough to make a statement. A lot goes into choosing the right earrings for the proper outfit and your face. Here are a few practical tips to help you find the right African-themed earrings.

What’s the Occasion?

The event you plan on attending has a significant impact on the choice of earrings. While big African earrings might work perfectly for a casual occasion or party, they wouldn’t be appropriate and suitable for a formal event or a white-collar dinner party.

If you’ve had an invitation to a formal party, you should take a subtle and less showy approach to the earrings. Find an understated design that exudes class and elegance. Try a drop or small hoops African fashion earrings with a single color that blends with your outfit. It enables you to achieve a glamorous look without attracting too much attention.

When you are dressing for an official occasion or work, you need to find minimalistic earrings that add a little sparkle and look professional. That said, the best official earrings are studs. However, if you’re going on a dinner date, it would be best to choose African-themed earrings that tell more about your personality and style. Click here to see trending tourist attractions across Africa

Match Your Earrings with Your Face’s Shape

Another critical factor that you need to consider when choosing the best earrings for you is your face’s shape. Remember, your earrings’ design and color can alter the shape of your face. Therefore, if you’d like to look outstanding, you might want to choose African earrings that match your face.

Inverted Triangle-Shaped Face

A face with an inverted triangle shape is a face with a broad forehead with a narrowed cheekbone and a pointed chin. It resembles a love-heart shape, only that an inverted triangle face is longer and has no widow’s peak.

It would be best if you chose earrings that emphasize the jaws and make them look wider. That counters the broad forehead and balances the face from the forehead to the jaws and chin. Finding teardrop African fashion earrings is an excellent option.

Oval Face

Do you have an oval-shaped face? The good news is that you can wear virtually any design and size of earrings. Nonetheless, it would help if you chose triangular designs or studs, as they highlight your lovely cheekbones.

Heart-Shaped Face

If your cheekbones are narrower than your forehead but wider than your jaws and chin and you have a widow’s peak, then your face is a perfect heart face. It resembles an inverted triangle-shaped, and therefore, you need to find earrings with a wider base, such as teardrop and chandelier earrings. Their wider bases create the illusion of a wider chin, bringing more balance to the facial contours.

Square Face

A square face comprises a wide forehead and a wide jaw, making it appear to have sharp edges. Hence, it would help if you had earrings that soften the edges. As such, earrings with round edges with a medium are excellent options for your square face. You can also have hoop or circular earrings and still achieve a stand-alone look. Avoid earrings with sharp edges because they only exaggerate your face’s already sharp edges.

Find the Earring/Outfit Coordination

You can be well-adorned for an occasion, but your choice of earrings can mean the difference between a gorgeous outfit and a look gone awry. For instance, when you put on a brown top and black, big African earrings, you’ll distract people from the rest of your outfit.

You can prevent that by looking for a subtler, minimalistic design with a tone that accentuated the outfit colors perfectly. That said, if you wear a green, white or blue blouse, you can match that with green earrings to highlight the top’s shade. If the blouse has a bold monochrome color, finding a complementary color to balance the shade works well.

African earrings are an excellent choice for any outfit. This is because they add a distinct and stand-alone element to any color. Like other earrings available today, African themed earrings come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. However, having the tips for choosing the right match for your outfit enables you to stand out amid the crowd. What’s more, you can even spruce things up by finding an earring-bracelet combination to extend the elegance to the wrist.

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