Factors to Consider when you Wear Clothes for School

Going to University is a beautiful experience. You are exposed to a lot of freedom. You also get to interact with your agemates freely without your parents poking their heads into your business. Among the most significant privileges, you get when you enroll in a university is an opportunity to dress in whatever you want. Here, you can take those rugged jeans and short shorts out of the closet as you try to express your style. However, just because you can wear whatever you want doesn’t mean that you should. Dressing for formal meetings like presentations can especially be a handful. We understand that you may be unsure of how to dress up in University. Therefore, below are easy pointers you should consider when dressing up to go to class or a meeting with your lecturer.

Moderate the Length of Your Outfits

University is a hub for fashion. It is understandable if you may not want to go extreme with the micro-mini shorts and skirts. However, you also do not want to lean too close to the maxi ones. If you are going for a fashionable and chic look in Uni, you want to maintain a balance. Opt for clothes that reach just at the knee if you prefer more coverage. Likewise, have a few pieces that go below your midthigh if you are comfortable with extremely short outfits.

It will be utterly embarrassing if you are having a presentation or a formal meeting with a lecturer and all the outfits in your closet are too ‘skimpy.’ You do not want to be begging your friends and roommates for clothes just because you couldn’t plan effectively. If you do not have moderately lengthed clothes, consider purchasing some of the dresses at our website, like the double helix dress.

Men’s Outfit

This rule applies to men as well. As a man, you should have well-fitting smart trousers in your closet. By well-fitting, we mean trousers that reach just below your ankle, not too long or too short. Whether you prefer khakis or official pants is your choice. However, the length of your trousers is what will determine whether your look is cheap or classy. Always include a belt and socks when you go to an office setting to make you look more professional. Overall, a smart look will make you seem more like a dedicated student, and lecturers will be more inclined to hear what you have to say.

Wear Fitting Clothes

This is a rule that will apply to you regardless of the setting in question. If you want to look smart, wear fitting clothes. Even if you prefer baggy clothes, there is a line between an oversized outfit and an outright ill-fitting attire. If it droops at your shoulders or sags at your waist, let it go. Always try to look fashionable and presentable when you interact with others. You should never be what the ‘cat dragged in.’ This rule often goes to men who think sagging their trousers looks nice. No, it does not. You look like you desperately need to visit the washrooms at best. When you wear pants, make sure that it shows off your silhouette and flatters your physique. Long gone are the days of our fathers, where wearing droopy trousers was the standard.

Points to Consider

If you have oversized pants, take them to a tailor and fit them. Also, note that fitting does not mean tight. Men, do not pimp your trousers so immensely that we can see the thread holding on for dear life when you have a seat. Have enough room in your pants to ensure that you can sit, run, and jump should the need arise. Women do not dress in clothes that are too tight such that whenever you take a step, the dress gets shorter and shorter. Adjusting your dress and stretching it down every few moments is too much work. It also makes you look uncomfortable, and people will see taunt you for walking out in an outfit that you cannot ‘pull off.’ Also, the more uncomfortable you are, the less confident you become. Always wear well-fitting attire.

Avoid See-Through Clothes

This pointer is specifically for the ladies. We are not against lace, chiffon, or sheer clothes. However, if you have a meeting with your lecturer, avoid wearing them. Alternatively, you may include a spaghetti top inside to give you more coverage. Meetings with lectures are official, and you should treat them as such. If you wouldn’t wear it to an office, this is not the time to put it on. While the rule about transparent tops is clear to navigate, the main problem comes when it relates to bottoms. Some clothes are sadly made with cheap fabric that will show off your legs as long as you are near a source of light. The last thing you need is for your lecturers or any other person to picture your silhouette when interacting with them. Unsolicited sexual advances are uncomfortable and demeaning.

Ladies, when you purchase clothes, always wear clothes made with thick material that will ensure that all private sections of your body remain private. These clothes will ensure that you are comfortable. They will also minimize unsolicited jabs from rather uncouth men on the streets. At African Bravo Creative, we make all our outfits using thick cotton material. Therefore, whenever you wear any of our pieces, you can remain confident that private sections of your body are not visible. As such, your interactions with your lecturers or classmates will remain professional. Also, there will be minimal instances of awkward behaviour. Purchase any of our outfits today, and we will deliver them to your preferred location as soon as possible.

Incorporate Minimum Pops of Colour

You will want to interact with others, make friends, or even get yourself a romantic partner as a student. If you want to maximize your chances of making meaningful connections with others, you should consider making yourself look more fun-loving and approachable. Dull clothes will make you seem more solemn and intense. Therefore, people will be cautious around you and will perceive you as monotonous and compact. If you want to increase your chances of making friends, consider including some colourful pieces in your attire. These pieces will make you seem more fun and easygoing.  However, the colours you choose should always complement each other and work in your favour. Chose colours that will go well with your face and skin tone. These clothes will radiate your beauty more and make you seem more attractive.

Although you want to incorporate colourful pieces, keep in mind that too many colours in your outfit might make you seem overdone. You will look like a circus clown, which is not the look you should try to go for. Always keep your look a bit toned down by avoiding luminous colours. Also, if you wear an excessively bright colour, complement it with more neutral pieces. For instance, a red top will go well with neutral colours like white and black. However, when you wear red with yellow, you risk looking too colourful, which will make others avoid you. If you wear our African woman t-shirt, opt for a white pair of jeans. Alternatively, men, if you wear the DNA pattern African shirt, go for a black pair of trousers. A good balance of one bright and one neutral-coloured outfit will do wonders for your look.

Examples of colourful outfits offered on our website include our African cocktail dresses, bright t-shirts, and African-themed shirts. Colourful pieces are not limited to clothes only. Who said that your accessories could not be eye catchy? We also have a variety of colourful headpieces that will compliment your outfit beautifully. Also, incorporate a few pieces of colourful jewelry to break the monotony of your outfit and make you look well done. These may include our beaded watches or our beautiful beaded earrings. Purchase any of our colourful pieces today, and we will deliver them to your preferred location as soon as possible.

Have Some Old and Familiar Pieces

Abrupt changes in your closet can be lovely, especially when entering University. However, if everything in your closet is new, you might get unsure of how different outfits fit in with one another. Similarly, if you have introduced a unique style into your wardrobe, it might take you a while before you get comfortable enough to wear the style confidently. Do not feel pressured to change your closet and replace everything with skirts and dresses if you prefer trousers. If you like khakis, there is no need to start hoarding pantsuits. If you are more comfortable in sneakers, you don’t need to look for leather shoes or heels. Find something in your comfort zone that works well for you. For instance, if you want to wear a dress but prefer to maintain the comfort of trousers, you can wear palazzo pants instead.