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Wholesale Key Holders-28

Item: 28 key holders

Material: Arsorted beads, bones, brass and silver rings

$ 75.00

Item: 28 key holders

Material: Assorted beads, bones, brass, and silver rings

Every wholesaler needs to have a section that contains key holders. These are items that everyone has or is looking for a new one that fits their style and vibe. The scarcity of unique key holders will shock you. Generic keyholders exist everywhere, and that market is now saturated; that is why we curated a whole collection of assorted tyles that wholesalers can buy and take advantage of.

Our key holders are the best because they are lightweight, durable, and comfortable, and despite the quality of materials used in their making, they are very affordable. People want cheap and durable things. With the different styling options, your customers will find the right product that fits their unique taste. You asked for lengthy and short key holders, and we got them.

Get yourself our key holders and watch how fast they fly off your shelves. We also customise them to fit your preferences. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected]

Weight 2 kg