Item: Beaded tea coasters: 4 sets each with six coasters and a carrier

Material: beads

Think of the last time you visited another wholesale shop; what coasters were they selling? I bet they were not beaded coasters. These coasters have come to the aid of wholesalers who seek something unique that exudes elegance, class, and brilliance.

Plastic, metal, and even porcelain coasters are ubiquitous; every wholesaler has them in their inventory. This makes it hard to gain customers in the already saturated market, and just like everyone is unique in their way, it feels nice to have something that not everyone has.

These coasters are a perfect addition to your inventory; they add a touch of uniqueness and elegance that you can’t get with the common ones. What is there not to like about these beaded tea coasters? The patterns, colors, and traditional and cultural appeal make them an excellent addition to your wholesale products.

You can get your customers unique coasters with the wide variety of design styles we have in stock. In case you wish to have one set of beaded tea coasters with specific colors for your lovely dining table, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Weight 1 kg