Beaded Leather Sandals

$ 15.00

The beaded leather sandals are a perfect match for women who want to display their love for African fashion. Just like the leather sandals, the beaded leather sandals are durable long-lasting. They are sewn with strong threads all around to ensure that they do not disassemble after washes or walking in the rain. These shoes are more suitable for women as they have two parallel straps, both incorporated with beautiful red, green, and white beads. The straps are thick and soft, ensuring your comfort as you walk around on a sunny day. These sandals will serve all your daily needs, be it running to the grocery store or meeting with friends. You can also wear them on a trip to the beach or a date, where you can pair them with some palazzo pants, and you are good to go. They are also primarily brown, making them easy to pair with various outfit combinations. Reduce the monotony in your closet by buying these sandals, which will aerate your feet, showcase your beautiful manicure, and project your hot girl summer vibes to everyone around you.

Weight 1 kg