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Beaded Brown Sandals

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Anyone with sweaty feet or those who wear closed shoes often at work during the day knows the importance of open shoes. Open shoes offer adequate aeration for your feet, which is critical for keeping off odour and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. There are various kinds of open shoes, but sandals are the most versatile and convenient. Sandals can be used in different settings, including at the office, when driving, having casual meetings with friends and family, making a quick dash to the grocery store, on a date, or even chilling in the house.

They are beautiful and classy, making them perfect for casual and semi-casual occasions. Lastly, they are flat, making them comfortable and critical for those with back problems. At African Bravo Creative, we have a wide collection of sandals of different colours and incorporated with different coloured decorated items to make them unique and beautiful. Our wide variety of sandals serves the needs and preferences of all our unique customers to ensure that our brand is inclusive. These sandals include the beaded brown sandals found on our website.

Materials used

The beaded brown sandals are made using genuine leather material. As a result, they are durable and will serve your needs for a prolonged period. They will also retain their new glossy look, ensuring they remain classy and durable throughout. Lastly, using leather ensures that your feet are protected from gravel and the sun when you walk around on a hot sunny day. The thick brown leather straps tied around the leather give it a unique look while making it more classy and elegant.

The sandals are sewn all around at the sole. The strong, durable thread sews the beads to the straps to maintain the beauty and colourful aspect of the sandals. The beads used are genuine Masaai beads that are long-lasting and will not break off over time. All these considerations and design choices are made to ensure that the sandals are long-lasting, durable, and will serve your needs for a long time.

How to Pair It

As indicated above, the beaded brown sandals are versatile and can be worn in various settings and with multiple outfit combinations. For a more semi-official look at the office, pair the beaded brown sandals with a long, plain-coloured well-fitting dress and a fitting blazer. This look is more suitable on Fridays when the office has a more semi-official vibe. When going on the beach, pair the sandals with a sundress and some sunglasses to tour the region; or wear a bikini and cover-up when walking by the sand.

When meeting with friends and family or going on a date, the sandals can be paired with an oversized shirt, tights, leggings, a fitting t-shirt, and a maxi skirt for a complete look. Lastly, when chilling in the house or going to the grocery store, put on any outfit you have at the moment. Purchase the beaded brown sandals today, and we will deliver them to your preferred location as soon as possible.

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