Casual Outfits with African Inspired Jewelry

African-inspired jewelry is comfortable and unique, ensuring that you can stand out and look elegant within a crowd. However, it is very easy to mismatch your overall look by choosing the wrong jewelry to accessorize your outfit. Overall, when picking a jewelry piece to wear, consider the color of the jewelry and how it matches your outfit, the setting, and the general synchronization of the outfit as a whole. The way you choose to accessorize will determine whether you look like a classy and elegant lady or a clown. Below are the different considerations to make when you decide to put on African-inspired jewelry.

Neck Choker

The color of the jewelry is important to consider when you are wearing a combination of different colored outfits. For instance, if you wear a light blue top and a white pair of jeans, adding the orange-colored seven-neck chocker will make you look like a walking rainbow. However, if wearing a primary color such as a black dress, the chocker will be a subtle addition of color to your outfit. Here, it will be important to match the shoes with either the jewelry or the black dress. Alternatively, you may choose a jewelry piece that matches the color of your outfit, thus minimizing the hustle of trying to match.

Sifoun Necklace

The setting or mood of the occasion you are visiting is also important to consider. For example, the neck chocker offered at African Bravo Creative is more suitable for casual social gatherings. Wearing it in official settings would make you look unprofessional and overdressed. The same goes for the Sifoun Necklace, which consists of bold reds and blues. These jewelry pieces are more suitable if you want to stand out at an event like a wedding, baby shower, or meet up with friends. However, they are not suitable for an office. The Sifoun necklace may also not be suitable for a date during which you want to focus on yourself rather than your outfit.

When determining how an outfit synchronizes, it is important to balance the detail of the clothes with the type of accessories you may adorn. For instance, the cowrie shell necklaces offered on the site are large, covering a large neck section. It would be unconventional to wear the necklace if you were putting on the embroidered African dress, as the dress has a lot of detail in the neck region as well. This combination would introduce a lot of activity to the neck, making you look unfashionable. A better outfit combination would be to wear it with an off-shoulder or a strapless top like the green strapless beachwear. These outfits will leave the neck region bare, thus creating room for the cowrie shell necklace as a statement piece.

Another important aspect to consider is that you should avoid wearing bracelets when you have blazers on the sleeves of the blazer that will hide the bracelet, destroying the purpose of wearing the bracelet in the first place. Instead, accessorize with bracelets when you are wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless tops. The bracelets may also be worn above long-sleeved-fitting shirts. As a rule, loose-fitting sleeves will make you look unfashionable unless the loose fit was the intended design of the outfit. Feel free to visit African fashion sites for more refined and authentic products.