Top 5 ways to leave home in style

It has been about five months of being at home. The lock down has been lifted and the next thing we are anticipating for is going back to university or work. Although we might not want to admit it, some of us have been spending time in our boxer briefs, sweat pants, or long tees and let’s face it; we might have lost touch with touch inner-stylist. From under-dressing to overdoing it, here are top 5 strategies to keep you on point

  1. Jewelry should complement, not overpower.

Dressing up without adding a few pieces of jewelry can make your outfit look boring, no matter how expensive or extravagant. However, this does not mean you should try out all the pieces in one go. Nobody asked for a human jewelry box. The best rule in determining you have not over accessorized is to always remove one piece after you are done. You wore five rings? Take one! Three bracelets and a watch? Maybe let go of two bracelets and keep the watch. All the same, keep it brief and simple but make it sassy.

  1. Tailor fix your clothes

Yes, the clothes fit perfectly. Yes, you have worn it comfortably for years, but no. do not trust your judgment entirely here. Staying home for about 5 months means that your weight might have changed. Some of us have been working home in our sofas, building up fat. Others have been using up the extra time to work out and get into their dream bodies. So no, do not trust that your clothes fit you perfectly, and nothing can ruin a perfect outfit like clothes that do not fit well. Order one that fits you perfectly from the Africans creative store

  1. Dress according to your personality

There is a lot of blogs, articles and shows showing people how to dress, and they give good points true. But you need to consider your personality. If you don’t like showing your legs, please, do not dress in short skirts that you will keep tugging on all day long. If you don’t like showing off your arms, don’t ruin the outfit by paring it with scarfs and coats, especially on a hot day. We do not want you wishing you were back home. Consider wearing things you are comfortable in. the best thing about this is that when you are comfortable, your confidence levels go up.

  1. Invest in a mirror.

Looking at yourself without a mirror can be challenging and deceiving. A full mirror will show you the bigger picture, where you can evaluate your hair, makeup, jewelry, outfits, and shoes. How will you know everything matches if you don’t analyze the look? The next time you buy an outfit, please consider a full-sized mirror. Some of them go for as low as 1000.

  1. Keep a fashion watch

I get that some of us live alone, but if you don’t, asking your friend or family if you look good doesn’t hurt. I don’t mean the ‘does this outfit make me look fat’ questions that are very hard to answer, especially when the one asking is body sensitive. I mean, ask them what you can pair with what, how to make an outfit work, whether or not you are appropriately dressed for the occasion, and whether you have overdone it. Don’t leave home if you aren’t sure about your outfit.


I hope I helped. When you get out of your home ‘cocoon’ please come out as a beautiful butterfly, not a moth.